New York TImes Article: What Flying was Like Before The Smoke Cleared

Great Article from The New York Times February 23rd, 2015

What Flying Was Like Before the Smoke Cleared

Believe it or not, smoking was banned on domestic flights only 25 years ago!

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“It’s probably difficult for anyone who isn’t middle-aged or older to comprehend, but people could smoke cigarettes on airplanes until Feb. 25, 1990. That’s when the federal government, after years of pressure from a union, the Association of Flight Attendants, finally banned smoking on all but a handful of domestic flights over six hours in duration. Ten years later, smoking was prohibited on flights between the United States and foreign destinations. Today, virtually every commercial flight in the world is smoke-free.”

Prior to that period from the beginning of air travel smoking was permitted on ALL FfLights -Domestic and International.
Here is a collection of airline advertising match books that were distributed in the airport terminals and on board the aircraft.

BOAC The Wprldwide AIRLINEOzark AirlinesBraniff AirwaysTWA AirlinesIcelandAirContinental air Lines

“The flight attendants union began fighting for a smoking ban in the late 1960s, against fierce opposition from the tobacco industry. “It was a real uphill battle,” Ms. Nelson said. “For us this was a workplace issue; we had members who were experiencing shortness of breath and all of the problems created by secondhand smoke, up to and including deadly diseases like lung cancer. We really were the tipping point that allowed for smoke-free workplaces in this country.”

“Robin Koval, the president of Legacy, a nonprofit organization that works to discourage tobacco use among young people, said that flight attendants’ efforts were crucial in creating smoke-free workplaces for everyone.”

Today, advertising matches are used for lighting candles, barbecues, fireplaces, camping -anywhere instant fire is needed! While those that smoke rely upon butane lighters to light their cigars or cigarettes.

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