Announcing Another Exclusive! European Style Wooden Stick Custom Match Books!

ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE!  Euro Style Wooden Stick Custom Match Books.

The Golden Age of Match Advertising Has Returned at TheMatchGroup!

We're proud to announce that TheMatchGroup is offering another exclusive match product!

We now produce European Style wooden stick match books that include wooden match sticks in natural wood color as well as, your choice among several optional dyed match stick colors!

These style match books have not been offered for sale in the USA for several decades!

We offer wooden sticks in 2" and "Giant" 4" long sizes!


GIANT Match Book Style containing 4" Long Wooden Match Sticks (shown with yellow dyed sticks).


Euro Style "Ultra 9" Style Match Book containing 2" long Wooden Sticks  (shown with optional black dyed sticks).

In addition to Euro Style Wooden Stick match books above, we also are the exclusive producer of printed "Feature" Matches (specially individually printed paper match stems),

Feature Match Book w/ Individually Printed Feature Match Stems (depicting custom printed light house illustrations)

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We look forward to collaborating with you to create your highly collectible and timeless branded advertising matches!

NEW Facebook Group Created for Fellow Lovers of Light (a.k.a. Match Collectors)


All you Hard Core (and not so Hard Core) Match Collectors out there, please be sure to check out my new FB Group "Advertising Match Book & Match Box Collectors Group"

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALots of great pics of a sampling of #matchbooks and #matchboxes that Joe Danon and #TheMatchGroup have produced over the past 28 years! Please feel free to post pics of examples from your match collections. Enjoy!



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New York TImes Article: What Flying was Like Before The Smoke Cleared

Great Article from The New York Times February 23rd, 2015

What Flying Was Like Before the Smoke Cleared

Believe it or not, smoking was banned on domestic flights only 25 years ago!

PanAm First to fly the 747PanAm1970Superjet


Welcome aboard TWAPiedmont Airlines HoustonEastern Airlines

"It’s probably difficult for anyone who isn’t middle-aged or older to comprehend, but people could smoke cigarettes on airplanes until Feb. 25, 1990. That’s when the federal government, after years of pressure from a union, the Association of Flight Attendants, finally banned smoking on all but a handful of domestic flights over six hours in duration. Ten years later, smoking was prohibited on flights between the United States and foreign destinations. Today, virtually every commercial flight in the world is smoke-free."

Prior to that period from the beginning of air travel smoking was permitted on ALL FfLights -Domestic and International.
Here is a collection of airline advertising match books that were distributed in the airport terminals and on board the aircraft.

BOAC The Wprldwide AIRLINEOzark AirlinesBraniff AirwaysTWA AirlinesIcelandAirContinental air Lines

"The flight attendants union began fighting for a smoking ban in the late 1960s, against fierce opposition from the tobacco industry. “It was a real uphill battle,” Ms. Nelson said. “For us this was a workplace issue; we had members who were experiencing shortness of breath and all of the problems created by secondhand smoke, up to and including deadly diseases like lung cancer. We really were the tipping point that allowed for smoke-free workplaces in this country."

"Robin Koval, the president of Legacy, a nonprofit organization that works to discourage tobacco use among young people, said that flight attendants’ efforts were crucial in creating smoke-free workplaces for everyone."

Today, advertising matches are used for lighting candles, barbecues, fireplaces, camping -anywhere instant fire is needed! While those that smoke rely upon butane lighters to light their cigars or cigarettes.

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Square Tube BX6 Matchbox

Joe Danon Quoted re. The Resurgence in The Popularity of Advertising Matches in BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL 10-27-2000


Joe Danon Quoted in The Baltimore Business Journal


"With the rise of the Internet, people have come to expect instant service, yet the match industry is still a smokestack industry," said Joe Danon...."The production mechanisms all date back to World War II or before -- there are no new match factories coming on line -- and so the production side has not risen to the level that the current marketplace expects."

The situation can be remedied. Danon rushes through first orders for new clients, and then gets clients on automatic reorder schedules so that no one ever runs out. He also spends a lot of time making nice to clients who can't understand why it takes less than a day to get business cards printed, and more than two months to get matchbooks.


As for the presumed bigger problem, the stop-smoking craze, Danon said it hardly comes up any more.
"As an advertising vehicle, restaurant owners have learned that toothpicks don't cut it. Business cards don't cut it. They just don't have the same perceived value," he said. "You can pay a dollar for a business card and still get better value from a 5-cent matchbook because it is in essence a functional business card. It is something people can use."


Pic Credit: Salma Hayek Times Magazine

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Match Book Advertising & Free Speech: Period of the Late '60's Up to the Modern Day and Their Use During The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Match Book Advertising and Free Speech

Student Hippies facing off against the National Guard
Student Hippies facing off against the National Guard

Just like any printed matter, match book advertising qualifies as a form of free speech in America. Therefore, making the circumstances under which the wording of a matchbook advertisement might be deemed to be an element of a crime very narrow under the First Amendment.

Nevertheless, there have been cases where matchbook advertising/propaganda has been known to test the limits of the law. For example, during the politically charged antiwar era of the late 1960's/early '70's matchbooks printed with the message "EOW" were distributed at Bloomfield State College in West Virginia. These letters stood as the acronym for "End of Week". The secret message behind these letters was passed along by the students encouraging them to burn the campus if the demands of certain student groups were not met by the end of the week.[1]

During this tumultuous period in our country's history; when our country was experiencing rampant (and deadly) college student protests against the Vietnam War and a series of riots fueled by rage in response to the news of the assassination of M.L.K. that resulted in the destruction of many major cities, match advertising was also used by "The Man" as a means to "counter" the "counterculture". "The Man" in this case was a Dallas Police Officer who decided to design and distribute his own matchbooks as propaganda to advertise his support for his fellow patrolmen with apparent success. So as the story goes, during the late '60's and early '70's members of the angry Hippie counterculture referred to Law Enforcement Officers as "Pigs." This Dallas Policeman, decided to take the sting out of the counterculture's disrespectful use of the word "Pig" by acknowledging it and to repurpose it in his own personal public relations campaign by distributing matchbooks along his beat that he had printed with the message "Leonard Edge: Pig and Proud!".[2]

The use of match book advertising by Law Enforcement didn't end after the '70's. Since then, local Police Departments and the FBI have used printed advertising matches as a method to aid in the capture of wanted fugitives, to advertise local D.A.R.E. anti-drug programs, as well as local "Cop Shot" Tips Hotline reward programs. Furthermore, back in 1995 -6 years PRIOR to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon which lead to our engagement in two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the CIA and the local authorities in Pakistan had successfully distributed wanted posters along and MATCHBOOKS as a medium for advertising a $2 Million reward for the capture of wanted international terrorists such as Mir Amal Kansi who was wanted in the brutal attack outside CIA headquarters in 1993 in which two people were killed and three other people were permanently injured.[3]

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