Reasons to Cheerfully Distribute Branded Advertising Matches To Promote Your Business!

Reasons to Cheerfully Distribute Branded Advertising Matches To Promote Your Business!

A week or two doesn't pass where a member of my sales staff receives a question from a current client or a prospect re. the reasons for them to either continue ordering branded advertising matches to promote their business or to start using them.

Our exclusive Retro "Feature" match book with individually printed match stems

Our standard response goes something like this:

Well....advertising matches are a very inexpensive & effective "functional business card".  Over the 120 years that they've been in existence, they've always been highly prized collectibles. Appreciative customers distribute them to their friends and family as a method of recommending your restaurant or business.

Most importantly, NO ONE throws out a match box until the last match has been struck!

Finally, we're all familiar with their practical use around the house from lighting candles, starting bbq's, lighting gas stoves, incense, etc. Matches satisfy our primal human need for fire =survival.

Our exclusive Giant Style 3" Tall Match Book with Wooden Match Stems. Pic. Courtesy of Nylo Hotels

I would like to add to the above that Matches are NOT primarily a smoker's item! Smoker's typically rely upon lighters to ignite their recreational tobacco products or cannabis.



Matches have become a social media phenomenon! Check out our friend Carlie Clarke's Instagram page Match Book Diaries with over 22,000 active followers!

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TheMatchGroup Announces Their New Website

TheMatchGroup's updated Lit Match Logo
TheMatchGroup's updated Lit Match Logo


Please take the time to visit and check out our interactive tools to upload your logo and create your own match book and match box art layout designs!

TheMatchGroup was founded to provide the most efficient & responsive customer service, while offering the LOWEST Factory-Direct Prices and the Quickest Delivery Time in the industry. We produce the highest quality matches and promotional tabletop paper products at low factory direct costs. We offer the fastest order turnaround on the most popular domestically produced match books and boxes – from “proof to product” in a blazing 15 days!

With over 30 years in the industry, company founder Joe Danon's passion and devotion to the historic importance, whimsy and efficacy of match advertising is unrivaled. His devoted and loyal clientele have long benefited from his “Love of Light,” graphic design expertise and unparalleled product knowledge.


NEW Facebook Group Created for Fellow Lovers of Light (a.k.a. Match Collectors)


All you Hard Core (and not so Hard Core) Match Collectors out there, please be sure to check out my new FB Group "Advertising Match Book & Match Box Collectors Group"

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALots of great pics of a sampling of #matchbooks and #matchboxes that Joe Danon and #TheMatchGroup have produced over the past 28 years! Please feel free to post pics of examples from your match collections. Enjoy!



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New York TImes Article: What Flying was Like Before The Smoke Cleared

Great Article from The New York Times February 23rd, 2015

What Flying Was Like Before the Smoke Cleared

Believe it or not, smoking was banned on domestic flights only 25 years ago!

PanAm First to fly the 747PanAm1970Superjet


Welcome aboard TWAPiedmont Airlines HoustonEastern Airlines

"It’s probably difficult for anyone who isn’t middle-aged or older to comprehend, but people could smoke cigarettes on airplanes until Feb. 25, 1990. That’s when the federal government, after years of pressure from a union, the Association of Flight Attendants, finally banned smoking on all but a handful of domestic flights over six hours in duration. Ten years later, smoking was prohibited on flights between the United States and foreign destinations. Today, virtually every commercial flight in the world is smoke-free."

Prior to that period from the beginning of air travel smoking was permitted on ALL FfLights -Domestic and International.
Here is a collection of airline advertising match books that were distributed in the airport terminals and on board the aircraft.

BOAC The Wprldwide AIRLINEOzark AirlinesBraniff AirwaysTWA AirlinesIcelandAirContinental air Lines

"The flight attendants union began fighting for a smoking ban in the late 1960s, against fierce opposition from the tobacco industry. “It was a real uphill battle,” Ms. Nelson said. “For us this was a workplace issue; we had members who were experiencing shortness of breath and all of the problems created by secondhand smoke, up to and including deadly diseases like lung cancer. We really were the tipping point that allowed for smoke-free workplaces in this country."

"Robin Koval, the president of Legacy, a nonprofit organization that works to discourage tobacco use among young people, said that flight attendants’ efforts were crucial in creating smoke-free workplaces for everyone."

Today, advertising matches are used for lighting candles, barbecues, fireplaces, camping -anywhere instant fire is needed! While those that smoke rely upon butane lighters to light their cigars or cigarettes.

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FEATURE MATCHES Match Books -Vintage Match Books with Colorful Images Across Flattened Match Stems


FEATURE MATCHES - Match Books with Colorful Images Printed Across Flattened Match Stems


Branded Match Books serve as mementos from places that you've visited or vacationed at, make great keepsakes from cherished family events and obviously, are a convenient and reliable source of fire for lighting candles, fireplaces, barbecues, incense, igniting gas pilot lights, as well as an essential item for use when camping. To this day advertising matches remain as one of the most inexpensive and highest impact forms of advertising -serving as "Functional Business Cards" that are widely accepted by your customers for the uses mentioned above while at the same time serving to promote your business, product or service.

Over 60 years ago, match company salesman would pitch potential customers with the catchy phrase: "your match books act as 20 little salesmen" meaning that when each of the 20 individual matches (in a standard match book) was removed and struck by it's user, it served as an opportunity to reinforce your company's brand 20 times!

"You can't beat match books for good, inexpensive advertising," says John Williams, publicity manager of The American Matchcover Collecting Club. When traveling through the smallest towns, you should still be able to pick up matches from restaurants, hotels and businesses who still believe in the power of these economical "pocket billboards" to advertise their businesses.

Match cover collecting satisfies every collector's urge to organize, classify, categorize and display .

In this post I'll be featuring the highly collectible and unique FEATURE -match books with colorful images across flattened sticks. Lion Match Corporation was the first match manufacturer to design and produce the feature match book.

The first FEATURE match books were Giant Sized -about 4" tall!

1936 Giant Feature Match Book advertising a Buick sponsored NBC Radio Show
1936 Giant Feature Match Book advertising a Buick sponsored NBC Radio Show
1936 Giant Feature Match Book a Buick Sponsored NBC Boxing Radio Show
1936 Giant Feature Match Book a Buick Sponsored NBC Boxing Radio Show
Early GE Giant Feature Match Book
Early GE Giant Feature Match Book
Early GE Giant Feature Match Book with Selling Tips
Early General Electric Giant Feature Match Book with Selling Tips

There were also other special options that were later introduced such as special die cut match cover shapes offered to enhance the image of the advertising product by making it stand out with a 2 Dimensional look  outside in addition to the feature -printed match stems inside:

'57 Pontiac Die Cut Special Feature Match Book
'57 Pontiac Special Die Cut Feature Match Book
'57 Pontiac Feature printed match stems with image of their new V8 motor
'57 Pontiac Match Book with Feature printed match stems depicting an illustration of their new V8 Engine

And an example of a Political Feature Match Book:

Wendell Wilkie Printed Stem Feature Match Book
Wendell Wilkie Printed Stem Feature Match Book "What the People Want"

For the first time in 40 years, The Match Group is proud to announce that we have an exclusive arrangement to produce several styles of  highly collectible and sought out vintage #featurematches  -customized with your logo and ad copy to promote your business!

You can rely upon TheMatchGroup to keep the flame of match advertising lit! Call one of our match mavens at 800.605.7331 today to design your business' own branded advertising match books, match boxes or feature matchbooks!