A Wide Range of Different Sizes of Our Exclusive Retro Feature Matchbooks With Individually Printed Match Stems is Now Available!

We're pleased to announce that we now produce a wide range of different sizes of our exclusive retro feature advertising feature match books with individually printed match stems is now available in addition to our range of European style wooden stem matchbooks!

Let your imagination run wild! There are no limits to what we're able to print! Whether it's special die cut shapes, an unlimited  number of printed colors any type of special paper stocks and your choice among 16 different color coordinated match heads!

@receptionbarnyc Our Exclusive Custom Giant style matchbook containing 3" long wooden match stems
@georgewashingtonbar Exclusive Duo 10 Style retro feature matchbooks with individually printed match stems
Retro DieCut Bowling Pin Feature Matchbooks with individually printed and die cut shaped match stems
@Deliiah Unique retro #pinup #nudie #feature #matchbook
Another version of our retro feature matchbooks with slimmer match stems
Duo Compact Style Retro Style Matchbook with Slimmer Feature Individually Printed Match Stems
Our Exclusive Euro Style mini wooden stick matchbook


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Reasons to Cheerfully Distribute Branded Advertising Matches To Promote Your Business!

Reasons to Cheerfully Distribute Branded Advertising Matches To Promote Your Business!

A week or two doesn't pass where a member of my sales staff receives a question from a current client or a prospect re. the reasons for them to either continue ordering branded advertising matches to promote their business or to start using them.

Our exclusive Retro "Feature" match book with individually printed match stems

Our standard response goes something like this:

Well....advertising matches are a very inexpensive & effective "functional business card".  Over the 120 years that they've been in existence, they've always been highly prized collectibles. Appreciative customers distribute them to their friends and family as a method of recommending your restaurant or business.

Most importantly, NO ONE throws out a match box until the last match has been struck!

Finally, we're all familiar with their practical use around the house from lighting candles, starting bbq's, lighting gas stoves, incense, etc. Matches satisfy our primal human need for fire =survival.

Our exclusive Giant Style 3" Tall Match Book with Wooden Match Stems. Pic. Courtesy of Nylo Hotels

I would like to add to the above that Matches are NOT primarily a smoker's item! Smoker's typically rely upon lighters to ignite their recreational tobacco products or cannabis.



Matches have become a social media phenomenon! Check out our friend Carlie Clarke's Instagram page Match Book Diaries with over 22,000 active followers!

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Matches That Play A Starring Role in Movies and Music!

imgres-2 Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element

Did you know that a single match (=the 5th element) was responsible for saving the world at the end of the movie The Fifth Element starring Bruce Willis? For phillumenists (collectors of matches),  we recommend a great film from 1932 called The Match King that follows the real life story of the rise and fall of Swedish Safety Match tycoon Ivar Kreuger. Matches have been used as plot devices over the past 90 years in movies and in popular culture. There are even rock groups that named themselves after matches like Matchbox Twenty , The Matches , and the hard rock group Matchbook Romance - Voices [FULL ALBUM, HQ] - YouTube 

The rock musician Beck references matches many times in his music and writings. He even wrote a book titled Playing With Matches, wrote with the words "match stick strike" in "Sissyneck" on his album "Odelay" and referenced matches in the song "Cell Phone's Dead" on his album The Information. The Britpop group PULP mentioned matches in their song Dishes on This Is Hardcore. The Beatles covered the Carl Perkins rockabilly  song Matchbox in 1964 with Ringo singing vocals then Paul and John sang about "two of us burning matches...." in the song Two of Us on "Let it Be".  Elvis Costello wrote and performed his song Motel Matches. The group MGMT's song "It's Working" on their album Congratulations "....It's just like striking matches..The polish lies." The rock group PAVEMENT'S song on their '90's masterpiece album Slanted & Enchanted "Circa 1762" "....Lighting a Burnt Match", their is a country, rock and blues group named Striking Matches. The song "And No Matches was released by the German Techno group Scooter

Here are a few more famous movies that used matches as part of their plot lines: "Casablanca", "Saving Private Ryan" and "The Grifters" John Cusack's character Roy tells his grifter mother Lilly played by Anjelica Huston that he's a match salesman , Pulp Fiction “You play with matches, you get burned.” Match books have made frequent cameo appearances to light up the chain smoking characters in the AMC TV series Mad Men. Matches were mentioned in the movie The Hunger Games as a means for survival and a struck and flaming match made an appearance lighting Malcolm Beach's (Morgan Freeman) stogie when he meets Tom Cruz in the SciFi movie OBLIVION. The AMC TV law procedural show "Better Call Saul" features it's own custom matches in it's opening credits in season 1,2 and 3.

The Prop Match Book from the AMC TV Show "Better Call Saul"

What other movies or popular songs can you come up with in addition to the above that reference matches?

Of course, if you want to promote your business using the most economical and effective and timeless form of advertising be sure to get in touch with the 'match mavens' by calling 800.605.7331 or checking out TheMatchGroup for us to make your match!

One of Our Fav Graphic Designers Featured in Atlanta Magazine!

The Brand Man: Meet Atlanta restaurateurs’ best-kept secret


1016_alvin02_oneuseonly-768x846 Pic. Credit CAROLINE C. KILGORE

Mr. Alvin Diec (34) co-owner of Office of Brothers is one of our favorite designers! He and his six person team create some of the most graphically inspired branding for his impressive list of restaurants & restaurant groups that are located primarily in the Atlanta area.

He's a true believer in the power and efficacy of match advertising and makes a point to include an advertising match design in every one of his restaurant or non restaurant corporate branding presentation! The compelling match designs that he and his team create (and that we produce) become instant collectibles! Restaurants and businesses use their matches as a brand extension and as a "Functional Business Card".

Here are some pics of  match books and match boxes that we've produced for Alvin's restaurant clients.

Bar Margot BXQ3 USA Made Match Box
Bar Margot BXQ3 USA Made Match Box
State Of Grace Match Box Made in the USA
State Of Grace Match Box Made in the USA
Cooks & Soldiers Match Book
Cooks & Soldiers Match Book
En Fuego Match Box Made in the USA
En Fuego Match Box Made in the USA


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valetmag.com "MATCHBOOKS The Ultimate Souvenir"

matches Valet Magazine "The Ultimate Souvenir"
Matches Valet Magazine "The Ultimate Souvenir"

"MATCHBOOKS The Ultimate Souvenir" Why a Man Should Always Carry Matches. Valet Magazine Article


A great article on the joy of collecting matches when traveling!
"...I've recently begun picking up matchbooks whenever I go somewhere interesting. They're the ideal memento. Easy to pack, utilitarian and free of charge. And even though they don't cost you a thing, they still possess a certain exclusive cool factor. After all, the only way you can get a matchbook is to actually step inside that hotel, bar or restaurant."

The author went on to write: "The more obscure the better too. A roadside diner in California's wine country, the London cocktail lounge tucked away in a hidden courtyard, an old school power lunch spot in Washington, DC and one of the best taco joints in all of Texas. They're each so uniquely telling, it's no wonder they've become optimal Instagram fodder" For example, Instagram pages that feature ONLY advertising matches that are artfully posted by a gentleman named Charlie @matchbookdiaries have over 15,000 avid followers!

Cory expressed the unique feelings that he experiences when he views his match collection:"...The memories of those nights and who I spent them with come flooding back as soon as I see the colorful, graphic cover on the front of the matchbook or box".


The article closes with an astute perspective from a collector of matches (called a "Phillumenist") about the businesses that continue to distribute their logo matches despite the country's ban on smoking by "...establishments still committed to offering them, know the value of making them interesting and eye-catching. The kind of swag you want to keep around long after your visit."
We at TheMatchGroup couldn't agree more!