Joe Danon Quoted re. The Resurgence in The Popularity of Advertising Matches in BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL 10-27-2000


Joe Danon Quoted in The Baltimore Business Journal


“With the rise of the Internet, people have come to expect instant service, yet the match industry is still a smokestack industry,” said Joe Danon….”The production mechanisms all date back to World War II or before — there are no new match factories coming on line — and so the production side has not risen to the level that the current marketplace expects.”

The situation can be remedied. Danon rushes through first orders for new clients, and then gets clients on automatic reorder schedules so that no one ever runs out. He also spends a lot of time making nice to clients who can’t understand why it takes less than a day to get business cards printed, and more than two months to get matchbooks.


As for the presumed bigger problem, the stop-smoking craze, Danon said it hardly comes up any more.
“As an advertising vehicle, restaurant owners have learned that toothpicks don’t cut it. Business cards don’t cut it. They just don’t have the same perceived value,” he said. “You can pay a dollar for a business card and still get better value from a 5-cent matchbook because it is in essence a functional business card. It is something people can use.”


Pic Credit: Salma Hayek Times Magazine

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