Vanity Fair Magazine Feature FANFAIR July 2000 Issue “A Certain Flare” Celebrating the Resurgence of Match Advertising After Smoking Bans Were Implemented Throughout the U.S.

VANITY FAIR Magazine July 2000 Issue

FANFAIR ARTICLE “A CERTAIN FLARE” FEATURING the Resurgence of “Signature Matchbooks” [branded matches]


This article celebrates the resurgence along with the relevance and effectiveness of branded restaurant matches right after several major cities had implemented their smoking bans, circa July 2000.
The article’s writer Steve Garbarino, made the argument for restaurants to continue purchasing and distributing their decorative advertising matches for them to serve the important purpose of being used as an alternative [functional] business card.

The majority of the matches pictured in the article happened to be produced by Joe Danon such as PASTIS, MATCH, MOOMBA, JOE’S PUB, CAMPAGNA, BAR CODE, FLORENT, CAFE LOUP, ODEON, LEMON, BOND ST, RESTAURANT DANIEL and ASIA de CUBA.

Branded match boxes and match books act as viral advertising that are used as an effective method for recommending a restaurant by being passed by a person who had a pleasant dining experience at the restaurant to their friends and family.

Historically, advertising matches have always been treasured as collectibles and as mementos of good times and travels that continue to make their intended repetitive impression on the restaurants’ clientele until the last match has been struck -and sometimes even years later!

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