The Food Channel Restaurant Matches Strike BackRESTAURANT MATCHES STRIKE BACK”

10/21/09 Cari Martens writes:

“Admit it. You’ve nabbed a few match books or matchboxes as souvenirs from restaurants over the years. I know I have, and I’ve never been a smoker. It’s good to hear they’re coming back from the brink.”

[Cari then goes on to reference many quotes from an article published in The New York Times-A New Old Freebie: Restaurant Matches Return from restaurateurs who still believe in the effectiveness of advertising their establishment with branded matches]

“Because, hey, you never know when you might need to light the pilot light in your water heater.”

[or a candle, or birthday candles, or a Bar-b-Que grill, or for use by your guests’ as a Bathroom “air freshener”!]

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