MATCHBOX FOOD RESTAURANT GROUP -Partner Endorses the Effectiveness of Match Advertising!

MATCHBOX FOOD RESTAURANT GROUP Strongly Believes in the Effectiveness Match Advertising

Excerpts from article written in the Washington CITY PAPER March 27, 2012


However antiquated the once common eatery freebies now seem, the things are an essential part of Smith & Co.’s branding. Every table at your local Matchbox Restaurant Group location, for example, is embedded with the [match] boxes as part of the decor. You’ll find all sort of themes including Elvis, Hello Kitty, and Star Wars, among others.

Perry Smith, a principal partner of Matchbox Food Group says the company spends thousands of dollars on the logo-emblazoned complimentary flame starters…”And customers usually just don’t nab one, they literally grab handfuls of them. … we go through thousands of them a year”… Smith says. “That’s what people expect. It’s probably our best form of advertising for what we do.”

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