Promote Your Restaurant with Low Cost/High Impact Advertising Matches


Promote Your Restaurant Through Branded Matches: They’re the Little Things That Count

Still a Timely Article Written a Few Years Ago on the Website

“…consider every little branded item as a mini billboard

Here’s an excerpt from the article:
…It seems that we use every square inch of space these days — even on our clothing — to advertise our services. However, people notice them and are usually pleased when they learn about a good service or product.

“Ad specialties” are items such as [matches, coasters, napkins, paper to go bags], pens, hats, or T-shirts with your restaurant’s name, logo and sometimes address, phone number or Web site printed on them. No matter how small your restaurant, promo specialties are within your budget.

Every restaurant can use ad specialties, but before you order 500 baseball caps with your restaurant’s name and logo on them, consider the pros and cons. Make sure you spend your money in the best possible way.


Ad specialties can range from matches to active wear, breath mints with your restaurant’s logo printed on the wrapper to custom etched shot and wine glasses. Regardless of the item, the goals of ad specialty items are always the same:

First, you provide a useful gift to your customer to appreciate, enjoy, and, most importantly, identify with your business. While you can find ways to use these items to win over prospective customers, these items are most effective as tools to build repeat business from existing customers.

Second, promotional items help develop and cement a relationship, in the same way people give gifts to friends to strengthen their bonds. [Distribution of these] items also increase your share of “heart and mind” in the community, as your pens, mints, toothpicks, coasters and matches find their way into your customers’ kitchens, offices, and classrooms, as [functional] reminders of (hopefully) their [enjoyable experience] at their favorite restaurants.

Third, your branded items will help reinforce your logo and [should] reflect your concept. While it seems like common sense, every ad specialty should prominently bear the business’s name and logo….Consider every item a little billboard.

Place your order for your restaurant’s functional business cards and table top promotional paper products such as coasters, napkins, toothpicks, branded sugar stick packets, breath mints, napkin bands, pens, as well as printed paper handle bags and at the same time get in on the ”Hot Match on Striker Action” by calling one of our “match makers” at 800.605.7331!