“MATCHBOOKS The Ultimate Souvenir”

matches Valet Magazine "The Ultimate Souvenir"
Matches Valet Magazine “The Ultimate Souvenir”

“MATCHBOOKS The Ultimate Souvenir” Why a Man Should Always Carry Matches. Valet Magazine Article

A great article on the joy of collecting matches when traveling!
“…I’ve recently begun picking up matchbooks whenever I go somewhere interesting. They’re the ideal memento. Easy to pack, utilitarian and free of charge. And even though they don’t cost you a thing, they still possess a certain exclusive cool factor. After all, the only way you can get a matchbook is to actually step inside that hotel, bar or restaurant.”

The author went on to write: “The more obscure the better too. A roadside diner in California’s wine country, the London cocktail lounge tucked away in a hidden courtyard, an old school power lunch spot in Washington, DC and one of the best taco joints in all of Texas. They’re each so uniquely telling, it’s no wonder they’ve become optimal Instagram fodder” For example, Instagram pages that feature ONLY advertising matches that are artfully posted by a gentleman named Charlie @matchbookdiaries have over 15,000 avid followers!

Cory expressed the unique feelings that he experiences when he views his match collection:”…The memories of those nights and who I spent them with come flooding back as soon as I see the colorful, graphic cover on the front of the matchbook or box”.


The article closes with an astute perspective from a collector of matches (called a “Phillumenist”) about the businesses that continue to distribute their logo matches despite the country’s ban on smoking by “…establishments still committed to offering them, know the value of making them interesting and eye-catching. The kind of swag you want to keep around long after your visit.”
We at TheMatchGroup couldn’t agree more!