A fun blog post from REFINERY 29 sharing some of the author’s favorite match books from up and down Manhattan, as well as a few from the Hamptons and some other New York-related locales.


“…this is all about really unique specimens of miniature artwork you’d love to carry in your bag or keep on your mantel—whether you need a light or not. “I love simple, elegant design that feels relevant but timeless,” says the author Emmett Shine. From an old-school Soviet print to a simple pair of peepers, Shine’s favorite samples are all here,… along with the lowdown on what makes them so special.

…there are endlessly major match books all over the Big Apple, ….., so leave us a comment if you think we missed some badass ‘books.  Can’t start a fire without a spark, right?”

20tomjerrys TOM & JERRY 16commerce COMMERCE RESTAURANT

13daves DAVE’S GRILL09maritime MARITIME

03coffeeshop COFFEE SHOP BAR 07ruschmeyers RUSCHMEYERS

14tinys TINY’S 02mermaidinn THE MERMAID INN

17barlubitsch BAR LUBITSCH 15thedutch THE DUTCH

05greatjones JONES

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