MATCHES Stogie Guys: Pass the Wooden Matches Please!


Great testimonial about the benefits of using wooden matches vs. lighters!


The slower process of lighting a fine cigar using wooden matches is a key part of the relaxation that’s associated with slow-paced environment in which to enjoy your favorite smoke.

“….If you light a cigar properly, it could take three to four wooden matches – and upwards of several minutes – to establish a good light.”

“… Mike Copperman of Bethesda Tobacco so graciously taught me, that’s all part of the cigar-smoking process. You see, taking time to properly light a fine stogie is a ritual that shouldn’t be rushed. Before the first puff, take in the aromas as the flame dances off the tobacco. Build the anticipation. After all, the cigar hobby is meant to be enjoyed in a relaxed, slow-paced environment.”

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen friends, acquaintances, and video bloggers butcher their cigars by flash-frying the foot. Where’s the ceremony or nostalgia in that? Besides, it’s hard to build anticipation in .02 seconds. Like I wrote before, please take time to smoke.”

“…Please note that I write this not to offend or irritate, but only to prod. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I’m really turned off by all those fancy gadgets that have flooded the industry. Besides, why spend $470 on a torch that you’re just going to loose between the couch cushions – especially when you can pick up a pack of wooden matches for free every time you hit up a bar or restaurant?”

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