Dallas Observer Article re. The Appeal of Collecting Advertising Matches and How They Preserve Life’s Memories and Experiences


The restaurant Private Social's match box
The restaurant Private Social’s match box

An article written four years ago in the Dallas Observer featuring the lasting appeal of collecting advertising matches and how they uniquely preserve a person’s memories and life experiences that other forms of restaurant advertising such as business cards are incapable of connecting on such an intimate level. When a customer is offered advertising matches by a restaurant or bar, they are not only used as a keepsake but they also serve as functional business cards for infinite uses around their homes and backyards!


Here are some quotes from the article  written

“Some of the matchbook memories are more visceral than others. A blue box marks a memorable dinner I had with my mom at Zatinya in D.C. A black one with thin white lettering marks a birthday party where all my friends gathered to mark my third decade of not dying. I like those matches for far more than candle-lighting. Digging through the bowl is like paging through a photo album filled with my life’s great meals.

… the business cards that have replaced [restaurants’] boxes don’t have the same appeal. I’ll grab one when I walk into a restaurant, but then it just sits in my wallet until the corners round and I dump them out on my dresser like playing cards. The restaurant Rolodex doesn’t have nearly the romance as my bowl of matches. I need that strike of sulfur to ignite my memories.



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