The New Yorker Magazine Instagram's Ephemera & Popularity Of Matchbooks!

The New Yorker Article Re. The Popularity of Instagramming Ephemera -Featuring Advertising Matches!
MARCH 24, 2015

Instagram’s Endangered Ephemera

@matchbookdiaries Instagram Page
@matchbookdiaries Instagram Page

This terrific article references all stripes of ephemera that collectors post to Instagram and singles out the popularity of picturess of matches that are featured by users with thousand's of followers on the site.

An Instagrammer, Bill Rose (@junktype) was quoted: “Most of the objects in my feed are no bigger than a couple of inches wide. They are often so small that my phone has trouble focussing given the close range of my subject.
Confirming Bill Rose's point, another popular Instagrammer, Charles Clarke (@matchbookdiaries) [with almost 13,000 followers] who's page exclusively concentrates on pictures of matches who shoots his matchbooks against a white background was quoted: “I use the white background because it looks clean, and because you can scroll my profile page and it doesn’t look like there are any dividers between the photos. It looks like a big poster.”

All lot of graphic designers refer to Instagram as a means of being plugged into the latest trends in design and to provide inspiration.

The article's author, ALEXANDRA LANGE reached out to Ara Devejian (@LetterGetter), a creative director and by way of his background she quoted him stating: “[he] started his [Instagram account] when he moved to Los Angeles’s superlatively-signed Theatre District. Every day, I try to take a new route to work or wherever, especially going way out my way to discover new places on my bike or in the car, and in turn LetterGetter is the happy byproduct of that curiosity.” At first Devejian wanted to document typographic nightmares—the illegible, the mishandled—but, as with most Instagram accounts, things swung over to the positive. The platform’s users have such a strong preference for things that are pretty (however you define it) that it’s difficult to swim against the tide of posting “bests” rather than “worsts.” “@LetterGetter helps inform some of the typographic projects I work on,” Devejian said, “like the title card I designed for Gymkhana 7. The style of the photos is intentionally flat or sparse in order to see the letterforms as they were conceived.” He goes on to say: “People have yelled at me—thinking I’m about to steal or break something—and then afterwards, realizing that I’m only taking pictures and admiring their car or whatever, tell me their life story,” Devejian says. “I’ve become painfully accustomed to just how fleeting signage is. It’s made me wonder whether I should become some sort of advocate for preservation, in attempt to postpone their inevitable disappearance.”

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Dallas Observer Article re. The Appeal of Collecting Advertising Matches and How They Preserve Life's Memories and Experiences


The restaurant Private Social's match box
The restaurant Private Social's match box

An article written four years ago in the Dallas Observer featuring the lasting appeal of collecting advertising matches and how they uniquely preserve a person's memories and life experiences that other forms of restaurant advertising such as business cards are incapable of connecting on such an intimate level. When a customer is offered advertising matches by a restaurant or bar, they are not only used as a keepsake but they also serve as functional business cards for infinite uses around their homes and backyards!

Here are some quotes from the article  written

"Some of the matchbook memories are more visceral than others. A blue box marks a memorable dinner I had with my mom at Zatinya in D.C. A black one with thin white lettering marks a birthday party where all my friends gathered to mark my third decade of not dying. I like those matches for far more than candle-lighting. Digging through the bowl is like paging through a photo album filled with my life's great meals.

... the business cards that have replaced [restaurants'] boxes don't have the same appeal. I'll grab one when I walk into a restaurant, but then it just sits in my wallet until the corners round and I dump them out on my dresser like playing cards. The restaurant Rolodex doesn't have nearly the romance as my bowl of matches. I need that strike of sulfur to ignite my memories.



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FOUND! 1928 Oldsmobile Cover Letter Presenting Their Match Book Co-operative Dealership Advertising Program

In addition to being the President of TheMatchGroup, Joseph Danon has been a avid collector of vintage advertising Match books -amassing a collection comprised of tens of 1,000's of vintage advertising match books dating back over 100 years!

Well, while sifting through his collection, Mr, Danon found this well preserved Oldsmobile Motor Works Advertising Dept. Cover Letter dated March 12, 1928.

Original Oldsmobile Motor Works Letter Announcing Co-operative Dealership Marketing Program
Original Oldsmobile Motor Works Cover Letter Announcing Co-operative Dealership Marketing Program

The purpose of the letter was to present a novel & low lost Match book advertising co-operative promotional program to be offered all Oldsmobile dealerships for them to participate by reserving the back of the match cover for them to advertise their dealership's name, address, telephone advertising copy under the OLDSMOBLE LOGO between the space above the tag line "A Match for Any Car".  Depicted on the front cover was an eye catching full color illustration of a new Oldsmobile model for 1928 with the slogan "The FINE CAR OF LOW PRICE"l Match book.

The cost for the dealer to participate  in this co-operative advertising program was the princely sum of .00415 per match book! To underscore the effectiveness of this co-operative advertising program, Oldsmobile as well as the majority of  other car manufactures continued to offer this very effective and low cost advertising program to their dealerships up until the late 1980's!

1928 Oldsmobile Motor Works Match Book Cover Presentation for Dealership Co-operative Advertising Program
1928 Oldsmobile Motor Works Match Book (front) Cover Presentation for Dealership Co-operative Advertising Program
Oldsmobile 1959 Super 88 Holiday Coupe Co-operative advertising match book
Oldsmobile 1959 Super 88 Holiday Coupe Co-operative advertising match book

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TheMatchGroup Announces Their New Website

TheMatchGroup's updated Lit Match Logo
TheMatchGroup's updated Lit Match Logo


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Led Zeppelin's Starship One Jet's Match Boxes Sell for $700 on the History Channel's Pawn Stars TV Show!

Shared from AOL NEWSY
Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 6.40.13 PM

Pawn Stars Starship One Matchboxes

We bet you'll never guess what was valued at as much as $3,000 on a recent episode of "Pawn Stars..."

Matchboxes. Wait, what?!

But wait, these weren’t just any old matchboxes — they were from Led Zeppelin’s legendary Boeing 720 plane, The Starship One. (Video via YouTube / Thanasis Papadimitrou)

"If you framed them up and presented them well, $2,500 to $3,000 dollars for these," said Warwick on "Pawn Stars.""$2,500 might seem like a lot for some matches, but rock and roll collectors would go crazy for this stuff."

After an expert [in paper ephemera] examined the matchboxes, they were deemed authentic.

And if that wasn't cool enough, each box included The Starship One's logo and the names of several important passengers it carried over the years, including Elton John, Peter Frampton and Alice Cooper. Rock on.

There's actually a huge demand for vintage matches, matchbooks, and the matches themselves in the collection world. In fact, there's thousands of active listings for them on eBay.

But the seller of The Starship One matchboxes only needed to go as far as the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop to find a price he was happy with.

He ended up selling the collection for a cool $700. Now, that's aplane good deal!


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