Advertising Matches: Keepsakes or Relics?

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A vary retro style 40 Stem 3″ Wide Paper Match Book produced for “Trailer Park Lounge” in NYC.


If offered, most people will gladly collect match books as they leave a restaurant or a retail business to save as a memento of their pleasant experience. They serve as a tangible reminder -what we like to call “functional business cards”. Most importantly, from the restaurateur’s/advertiser’s perspective they act as a method for a satisfied customer to use to recommend their restaurant or business to their friends and family. Furthermore, these colorful & useful 3 dimensional pocket advertisers make much more of an impression serving as a token of thanks to your customers as opposed to the default plain one-dimensional non-functional business card that ends up being forgotten in their back pockets only to end up in next week’s laundry!


Match Books DO NOT promote smoking because most smokers carry lighters. Recipients of a restaurant’s advertising matches are pleased with the many uses that matches provide around the house such as: lighting the backyard grill, decorative candles, hurricane candles and birthday candles, their fireplace, their gas stove or relighting a gas pilot light. Plus, for over the past 110+ years, matchbooks have proven to be the most economical & most effective form of direct advertising for a business and are much more collectible than your basic business card. Many matches are collected and displayed at home, making them great conversation starters for one’s guests!

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