Advertising Matches AREN’T JUST Used for Smoking!

imgresA week doesn’t go by here at TheMatchGroup headquarters without a potential customer commenting “why would I need to buy branded matches to advertise my business since nobody smokes anymore and I don’t want to promote smoking?” Let me make this one point clear once and for all: Advertising Match books and Match boxes’s primary role aren’t for use as cigarette smoking accessories! Most smokers rely upon pocket lighters, not matches!

Matches provide one of mankind’s essential needs fire -in a handy pocket sized package. Matches serve as a functional business card that promote your business until the last strike! In comparison to standard business cards, matches have proven longevity as they’re retained until they are used up (and frequently kept beyond the last strike as a collectible or memento). After they’re taken, business cards are put in a person’s back pocket then forgotten ultimately to end up being destroyed in their next week’s laundry!

Matches are primarily used as a household item; to light candles, incense, fireplaces, gas stoves, gas pilot lights, bar-b-que grills, Flying Wish Paper, as a bathroom “air freshener” and most importantly, are essential for use during power outages and emergencies. What with all of severe storms that we’ve been experiencing all over the US and the extended loss of power that’s affected a majority of the population as a result, one can easily appreciate raiding their pile of restaurant matches that they’ve collected in a large bowl that’s kept in the family room!

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