Igniting Passion: The Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Oh What A Match

In the world of match collecting, one dynamic duo is setting the scene alight. Meet the mother and daughter team – Nadia and her daughter Alice Cavallo who make up the creative force behind Oh What A Match, a unique business with it’s focus on fanning the flames of Phillumeny (the hobby dedicated to the collecting of branded advertising matches).

A Family Affair in Match Collecting

Oh What A Match is more than just a business; it’s a shared passion between a mother and her daughter. Together, they’ve turned their passion for collecting matches into a thriving online platform for fellow phillumenists. Their website, www.ohwhatamatch.com, is a treasure trove that includes offering insights, tips as to where to find matches out in the wild -resulting in a vibrant community and the goto source for match enthusiasts to use to seek additions to their collections!


Sparking Connections: How Oh What A Match is Revolutionizing Phillumeny


Where to Find Your Next Match Treasure

One of the standout features of Oh What A Match is their dedication to helping collectors find their next prized possession. The duo regularly updates lists of restaurants across the US that distribute branded matches. This invaluable resource saves collectors time and effort in their hunt, making the chase all the more exciting.

Spotlighting Creative Collectors

Oh What A Match isn’t just about matches; it’s about the people who collect them. Once a month, the website and its SubStack newsletter feature a collector with an interesting creative background. These spotlights provide a glimpse into the diverse world of phillumeny, showcasing how matches can ignite creativity and passion beyond their practical use.

Offering Decorative Solutions for Showcasing Collector’s Match Collections

They’ve personally designed and produce several versions of clear Lucite plastic tabletop vessels for collectors to use to showcase match collections!  

They also offer decorative prints that showcase matches by their similarity in color and their subjects which are available for purchase here https://ohwhatamatch.com/collections/all.

From Collectors to Creators

Recently, Oh What A Match has taken their passion a step further by selling branded matches produced by Get Matches to their own restaurant clientele. This new venture allows them to share their love for unique and personalized matches with a wider audience, while also supporting their fellow collectors.

Create Your Own Branded Matches with Get Matches

If you’re inspired by the story of Oh What A Match and are interested in starting your own collection or creating personalized matches for your business, TheMatchGroup is here to assist you with the process! 

Our team specializes in producing premium, custom branded matches that will add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any business to bemused as “functional business cards” . 

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