A Wide Range of Different Sizes of Our Exclusive Retro Feature Matchbooks With Individually Printed Match Stems is Now Available!

We're pleased to announce that we now produce a wide range of different sizes of our exclusive retro feature advertising feature match books with individually printed match stems is now available in addition to our range of European style wooden stem matchbooks!

Let your imagination run wild! There are no limits to what we're able to print! Whether it's special die cut shapes, an unlimited  number of printed colors any type of special paper stocks and your choice among 16 different color coordinated match heads!

@receptionbarnyc Our Exclusive Custom Giant style matchbook containing 3" long wooden match stems
@georgewashingtonbar Exclusive Duo 10 Style retro feature matchbooks with individually printed match stems
Retro DieCut Bowling Pin Feature Matchbooks with individually printed and die cut shaped match stems
@Deliiah Unique retro #pinup #nudie #feature #matchbook
Another version of our retro feature matchbooks with slimmer match stems
Duo Compact Style Retro Style Matchbook with Slimmer Feature Individually Printed Match Stems
Our Exclusive Euro Style mini wooden stick matchbook


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Reasons to Cheerfully Distribute Branded Advertising Matches To Promote Your Business!

Reasons to Cheerfully Distribute Branded Advertising Matches To Promote Your Business!

A week or two doesn't pass where a member of my sales staff receives a question from a current client or a prospect re. the reasons for them to either continue ordering branded advertising matches to promote their business or to start using them.

Our exclusive Retro "Feature" match book with individually printed match stems

Our standard response goes something like this:

Well....advertising matches are a very inexpensive & effective "functional business card".  Over the 120 years that they've been in existence, they've always been highly prized collectibles. Appreciative customers distribute them to their friends and family as a method of recommending your restaurant or business.

Most importantly, NO ONE throws out a match box until the last match has been struck!

Finally, we're all familiar with their practical use around the house from lighting candles, starting bbq's, lighting gas stoves, incense, etc. Matches satisfy our primal human need for fire =survival.

Our exclusive Giant Style 3" Tall Match Book with Wooden Match Stems. Pic. Courtesy of Nylo Hotels

I would like to add to the above that Matches are NOT primarily a smoker's item! Smoker's typically rely upon lighters to ignite their recreational tobacco products or cannabis.



Matches have become a social media phenomenon! Check out our friend Carlie Clarke's Instagram page Match Book Diaries with over 22,000 active followers!

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Announcing Another Exclusive! European Style Wooden Stick Custom Match Books!

ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE!  Euro Style Wooden Stick Custom Match Books.

The Golden Age of Match Advertising Has Returned at TheMatchGroup!

We're proud to announce that TheMatchGroup is offering another exclusive match product!

We now produce European Style wooden stick match books that include wooden match sticks in natural wood color as well as, your choice among several optional dyed match stick colors!

These style match books have not been offered for sale in the USA for several decades!

We offer wooden sticks in 2" and "Giant" 4" long sizes!


GIANT Match Book Style containing 4" Long Wooden Match Sticks (shown with yellow dyed sticks).


Euro Style "Ultra 9" Style Match Book containing 2" long Wooden Sticks  (shown with optional black dyed sticks).

In addition to Euro Style Wooden Stick match books above, we also are the exclusive producer of printed "Feature" Matches (specially individually printed paper match stems),

Feature Match Book w/ Individually Printed Feature Match Stems (depicting custom printed light house illustrations)

GoTo: TheMatchGroup and check out our entire range of the highest quality and most diverse printing options that are exclusive to only us for you to set your business' customized advertising match books and match boxes apart from everyone else and be sure follow our feed on Instagram at Insta. TheMatchGroup

We look forward to collaborating with you to create your highly collectible and timeless branded advertising matches!