How Do You Display Your Advertising Match Collection? The Effectiveness and Lasting Impression of Advertising Matches vs. Online Social Media

Matchbox Collection Displayed in a Basket
Matchbox Collection Displayed in a Basket

How Do You Display Your Advertising Match Collection?

In a Basket, as Oversized Brandy Snifter, a special Matchbook Display Rack Hung on the Wall, or a Matchbook Cover Scrap Book?

Despite all of the hand wringing and predictions of death of the restaurant Match Book in the narrow context of a world that discourages smoking, restaurants, hotels, clubs, candle makers, etc.are still willing and enthusiastic to continue the 120+ year old practice of creating and distributing their own “miniature works of art” to serve as “Functional Business Cards” in the form of their branded match books and match boxes.

In this period of intangible social networks and “feeds” consisting  of Tweets, Facebook Updates, Instagram Pics, Foursquare Check ins, Google Searches, Yelp Reviews, etc., humans still crave something tangible and “offline” -an alternative to the flood of interruptions and distractions that technology and social media cause. In this day and age, the great majority of heavy social media users experience bouts of anxiety that sometimes leads to depression while attempting to keep up with the constant barrage of social media assaults (updates) on a minute by minute basis!

Match books and Match Boxes in their own “offline” tangible time tested way, act as link for the recipient to the experience of a time (pre-internet age) of genuine human contact that included face to face “social networking”.

The FIRST Advertising Match Book. Hand Drawn and Hand Pasted promoting the Mendelson Opera Company's Performance with the Comedian Thomas Lowden.
The FIRST Advertising Match Book. Promoting the Mendelson Opera Company’s Performance with the Comedian Thomas Lowden.

Over the past 120 years since the first match book was hand printed and pasted back in 1889, by the manager of the Mendelson Opera Company who had the idea to buy 200 blank matchbooks for using to hand-print advertising messages and pictures of the opera’s leading players affixed to them, we continue to seek mementos such as advertising match books and match boxes as a means to maintain a consistent, reliable and tangible connection with our past experiences and events vs. the fleeting nature of social media with our latest Tweet, Face Book post or Instagram pic. that we post with the intention to memorialize a fleeting experience only to be pushed deeper and deeper to the “bottom” of the “feed” towards the inevitable march into further oblivion thus erasing any of the experience’s “specialness” thus preventing us from revisiting that special experience as it continues further downstream as the flow of newer tweets, posts, pics and updates continue to be posted on top of it.

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