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The Movie Paterson Featured a Poem About Matches!

The Movie Paterson directed by Jim Jarmusch Features a Love Poem Inspired by Matches! 

In the opening scene in the movie paterson, Adam Driver named Paterson plays a bus driver for the Paterson NJ Transit who breaks up the monotony of his life by writing original poetry based upon observations of the world around him.

The first poem that the film opens with that he writes is a Love Poem inspired by his collection of OHIO BLUE TIP matches (that was originally written in 1979 by the real poet Ron Padgett as a love poem to his wife).

The poem goes into great detail about his collection of household’s match boxes,  the construction of the match boxes and their match sticks and focuses intently on the color of  the blue tip (match heads).


The Original Ohio Blue Tip Match Box

I’ve been a big fan of Jim Jarmusch – IMDb since his first indie film Stranger Than Paradise (1984) and matches have always played a part as a plot device in most of his films!

Jim Jarmusch’s first film Stranger Than Paradise

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  1. lefler says:

    The world we see and experience in “Paterson” feels like a poem, from the natural beauty of the Great Falls to the industrial grit of the city streets where Paterson drives his bus. As he fills his “secret notebook,” the words appear on the screen, lingering, allowing the audience to absorb the implied imagery and emotions. Jarmusch wrote the girl’s poem, “Water Falls,” and his screenplay has a poetic quality in the way it structures a week in the lives of Paterson and Laura, as though the days were stanzas. The film opened in late December to strong reviews, many of which mentioned the lyrical screenplay.

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