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Unmatched speed and unbeatable performance…that’s TheMatchGroup!

TheMatchGroup was founded to provide the most efficient & responsive customer service, while offering the LOWEST Factory-Direct Prices and the Fastest Production Time on our range of U.S.A. Made match books and match boxes. We’re proud of our reputation for producing the highest quality matches and promotional tabletop paper products at the lowest factory direct prices. We perform the fastest order turnaround on the most popular produced U.S.A. match books and boxes – from proof to product in a blazing 18-20 working days!

With over 30+ years in the industry, company founder Joe Danon began his career as the North East Regional Sales Manager at the prestigious Universal Match Corporation. He then went on to become the National Sales Manager at Maryland Match Corp. serving for 13 years. His passion and devotion to the historic importance, whimsy and efficacy of match advertising is unrivaled. His devoted and loyal clientele have long benefited from his enthusiasm as a long time Phillumenist (collector of matches) with a personal collection of vintage matches numbering in the 10’s of thousands! (check out his collection at Pinterest.com/thematchgroup), graphic design expertise and unparalleled product knowledge. We specialize in producing the most challenging designs, specializing in custom die cut shapes, printed retro #FeatureMatches (Retro Style Match Books with match stems that are individually printed) as well as, many creative printing options like silk screening, unique Hot Foil Stamping, Striker Friction that can be custom designed with a pattern of your choosing and very cool spot varnished patterns  exclusive to The Match Group.

TheMatchGroup relies upon the strong industry relationships that Joe has forged over the past thirty plus years with all of the major match and tabletop paper product manufacturers located in the USA, Europe and the Far East. With TheMatchGroup’s streamlined management and low overhead; as our client, you’ll benefit from the most knowledgable & responsive customer service, the lowest prices in the industry, and the fastest turn-around on our range of U.S.A made matches and promotional products that include Beverage Coasters, Napkins, Branded Sugar Packets, Breath Mints, Kraft paper Bags as well as a wide range of other popular promo products!

Check out our line of high-performance advertising matches and promotional tabletop paper products – guaranteed to fire up your brand!

Go ahead and put your logo and throw any “crazy” ideas for designing your matches at us and we’ll create a winning promotional product program tailored to your branding/identity for you in record time!

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If you don’t have a logo or your current logo is in need of some “freshening up”, our design experts will create a unique identity specifically designed for printing on one of our promotional products that also can be used on future branding campaigns.


At the end of The Fifth Element, a movie which starred Bruce Willis, did you know that a single match was responsible for saving the world? There’s a great film we’d like to recommend from 1932 called The Match King that follows the real life story of the rise and fall of Swedish Safety Match tycoon Ivar Kreuger. Other famous movies that used matches as part of their plot lines include: Casablanca, Saving Private Ryan, and The Grifters. The Hunger Games movie also referenced matches as a means of survival. The Tom Cruise movie, Oblivion, set 65 years in the future, featured a match being struck by Morgan Freeman’s character, to light his cigar! Leonardo DiCaprio as Edward “Teddy” Daniels frequently used a lit match in the movie Shutter Island. The Movie “Paterson” directed by Jim Jarmusch featured a “Love Poem” that was based upon matches!

Match books have made frequent appearances on the small screen as well, as in two AMC TV series: Mad Men and Better Call Saul. Matches have been used as plot devices over the past 100 years in movies and in popular culture. There are even rock groups that named themselves after matches: Matchbox Twenty and The Matches. The Grammy Award winner rock musician Beck Hansen wrote a book titled Playing With Matches and his lyrics reference “match stick strike” in the song “Sissyneck” featured on the album Odelay. The Britpop group PULP mentioned matches in their song “Dishes” on This Is Hardcore. The Beatles covered the blues song “Matchbox” in 1964 with Ringo singing vocals; later during the live recorded performance of Let it Be, they referenced burning matches in the song “Two of Us”. Elvis Costello wrote and performed the song “Motel Matches”.

The group MGMT recorded a song on their album Congratulations with references to matches in their song “It’s Working” with the lyric “…..it’s just like striking matches …the polisher lies”. The iconic Indie Rock group Pavement wrote and recorded the song “Circa 1762” on their masterpiece album Slanted and Enchanted that included the line “…. lighting a burnt match” and the ‘80s New Wave band Echo & The Bunnymen recorded a song called “Seven Seas” on their album Porcupine with the lyric: “….Burning the witches with mother religious, you’ll strike the matches and shower me”.

Feel free to contact us via strike@getmatches.com with any other match movie sightings or match references in song lyrics that you’d like to contribute to our list. Be sure to visit our blog to catch up on the latest in “breaking” match news, entertainment, and moments in world history in which matches have played an integral part!